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Our Auction has come to an All American End...

Sincere Thanks to all who have participated and donated.

We couldn't have done it without you.

You made a difference in the Life of a Husky today.


Adopt A Husky's Independence Day Auction

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(This is AAHI's adopted, Ginger, all dolled up to celebrate our 4th of July Auction.  She lives her life in luxury, helped inspire the opening of the Happy Husky Bakery & is one of the wonderful example of a Husky who truly found her Happily ever after!)

Thank you to all who have donated and are participating in Adopt a Husky's Auction!  This Auction is to Celebrate all of the Independent-Spirited Huskies who had found their way into rescue, were adopted into warm and loving homes and lived, or are living, their lives to the fullest.   We have fosters still waiting for the opportunity to be family members and the future will find new dogs in need of rescue.

Memories that have been made with our furry friends,  Will Be With Us Always, for they touch our lives and leave Paw Prints on our Hearts.

PLEASE BE GENEROUS in your donations, bids and support for this Adopt a Husky Auction...The dogs who have left us, are with us and are still yet to come deserve a chance to live the American Dream too.

We couldn't do it with out you.

Please know, that if a bid, on an item becomes beyond your means, and you still want to help, Click here: 

"You Can Help" 

(or on the menu list, second listing) You donate, just a little something,  to be used for an Adopt a Husky dog's care.  A few dollars make a difference in the life of a foster, medical needs, or sanctuary dog & those dollars add up to a day of boarding, a micro-chip, a spay/neuter and even a costly medical procedure that you helped make possible.

Happy Birthday to our Independence Day Siberian KOLO

Help him celebrate with an adoption application!

Happy Independence Day 

from the Adopt a Husky family

to your family!

(This is AAHI's Murphy who had multiple surgeries after being hit by a car & was left with 2 broken legs.  He was adopted & spent his life, in a Loving Home & Happily participated in many Historic Reenactments that educated the public about our historical roots.)

...Adopt A Husky is a 501C3  organization, born in America, & working to save the Siberian Huskies in our area...

Auctions will begin in 5 days 1 hour 22 minutes